Tuesday, October 13, 2009

You won't relent
Until You have it all
My heart is Yours

I'll set You as a seal upon my heart
As a seal upon my arm
Forthere is love that is as strong as death
Jealousy demanding as the grave
And many waters cannot quench this love

Come be the fire inside of me
Come be the flame upon my heart
Come be the fire inside of me
Until You and I are one

Above are the words to ‘You Won’t Relent’ by Misty Edwards. I am also beginning the book called Crazy Love by Francis Chan, a book that calls us to a relentless relationship with Christ. I looked up the definition for relentless, Webster’s defines it as “ steady and persistent.” Take a minute and think about God’s relentless pursuit for us, the lyric above say “You won't relent until You have it all, My heart is Yours.” God NEVER gives up on us. He is chasing after our heart and our attention. He seeks our worship. His love for us is incomparable to any that we have here on earth and how often do we ignore Him. How many times a day do we crucify him AGAIN so that we can continue with the things that make us comfortable; to pray the same stale prayers, to speak before we listen, to stop and hear what God is saying to us. Take a minute and check out the God of the universe (http://www.crazylovebook.com/ and click on the “Awe factor” link). The same God that created what makes up those images seeks a personal, legalistic free, true, no-holds-bar relationship with us. Shouldn’t we return the favor and become as relentless about our pursuit towards him as He is towards us. After all He did sacrifice everything for us!